Liberty Pioneer Energy Source, Inc. (LPES) is an independent exploration and development company which was founded in 2002. LPES is comprised of experienced oil and gas professionals, who are familiar with all aspects of exploration, development and operations and aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and work.

LPES has the unique ability to take a project from inception to production:
- Analyze the geologic and geophysical merits
- Research the oil and gas title
- Lease the mineral rights
- Permit wells
- Drill wildcat and development wells
- Bring wells on production
- Efficiently operate wells

LPES operates primary in Utah but is also licensed and bonded in the state of Texas.

  1. LPES has developed into one of Utah’s most efficient and respected independent oil and gas exploration and development companies. LPES management team has decades of experience in operations and has developed priceless relations with contractors, industry partners, and state and BLM agencies and personnel.
  2. We acquire, develop and operate properties that fit within our core areas of operations and apply our engineering, geologic and operational expertise to discover new reserves, boost existing production, and increase value. LPES's assets are carefully selected based on geological and geophysical analysis of producing basins, and each drilling project is evaluated on the basis of geological character, reservoir potential, product marketability, and return on investment.
  3. The major objective of LPES acquisitions is to acquire high quality oil and gas properties with production, proven reserves (PUD’s), behind pipe reserves and/or increased productivity achieved through enhanced operations.


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